What type of gossip is a sin?

The Bible is clear that gossip is a sin and that Christians should refrain from doing so. Gossip often includes slander, mockery, and denigration. It exposes the gossipy's insecurities, as well as their jealousy, envy and even hatred towards another person. The Bible encourages holy and healthy communication.

Instead of destroying one another and spreading gossip, God calls us to strengthen one another and encourage one another. Talking about others in a way that is not honorable embarrasses their image and reputation, and paints an ugly picture of gossip. Even if the information you discuss is true, gossip is always sinful and a sign of spiritual immaturity. Gossip can also cause harm by spreading errors or introducing inaccurate variations in the information transmitted.

Correct them in a loving way without condemning them, but if the gossip continues, it's time to say goodbye. Gossip divides relationships, destroys trust, and the pain associated with gossip is felt long after the words are uttered. To calm their own conscience and make the person with whom they share feel less guilty, gossip among Christians is often disguised as just motives. Gossip is defined as “casual or unrestricted conversations or reports about other people, which usually include details that are not confirmed as true (Oxford Languages).

We can radiate such a strong spirit against gossip and mumbling that people will know that they are simply not acceptable. If the gossiper is a good friend of the Johnsons, he should share his concern directly with them and not involve anyone else in the conversation.

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