What type of communication is gossiping?

Gossip can be considered as a genre of communication, since it has its own descriptive and prescriptive conventions for production and interpretation, which communicators tacitly understand and which are used to evaluate the success of a particular exchange. Gossip is a simple but very impactful form of communication. As a communication mechanism with very old roots in human evolution, we use it to create social ties and interpret the world around us (in particular, risks). Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others; the act is also known as chatting or chatting.

People gossip and no rule, regulation or requirement will stop people from engaging in one of the most primitive forms of communication. In a study conducted by Harcourt, Richerson and Wattier, it was found that middle managers from several different organizations believed that gathering information from the vine was a much better way to learn information than through formal communication with their subordinates (Harcourt, Richerson %26 Wattier). In addition, it is “the process of informally communicating value-laden information about members of a social environment”. Turner and Weed theorize that among the three main types of people who respond to conflict in the workplace are aggressors who cannot keep their feelings to themselves and express their feelings by attacking everything they can.

Their study also revealed that people with a high prosocial orientation tend to engage in this type of gossip more frequently.

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