What kind of behavior is gossip?

Gossip is information shared about an absent third party. Gossip differs from the human tendency to talk about other people in that gossip tends to focus on negative information to degrade the target. If the information being discussed were positive, it would be labeled praise or envy. Gossip and rumors can drive friends away, ruin reputations, and even lead to ostracism and other forms of relational aggression.

People who had given less than half of their points initially increased their contributions at the end of the last few rounds, while those who had been excluded donated significantly more after they were allowed to return to the game, following less selfish behavior. Demonstrate that different motives for participating in gossip can be reliably distinguished from each other through different conceptualizations of gossip behavior. Here's a more detailed analysis of what exactly gossip is, what kind of person tends to behave like this, and how to deal with it if you're the one receiving it. When researchers consider “positive gossip,” they are concerned with prosocial behavioral responses.

Positive gossip includes prosocial behaviors that increase group cooperation and decrease selfishness.

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