Should christians listen to gossip?

On the one hand, Scripture speaks strongly against gossip. The book of Proverbs describes gossip as “select bites.” It can be tempting to consume gossip. The media know that people love to swallow it; that's why they keep feeding it to us. If we love God and other people, we will avoid participating in gossip.

Loving others means seeking their good, which excludes using the circumstances of their lives to spice up conversations or slander them and lie about them behind their backs. While gossip often becomes a habit for people, a Christian who has turned away from gossip may seek the Lord's help to show love to others. We can give good news, be honest with others, and speak and listen with a changed heart that loves God and loves people who have been created in his image. Sometimes, you might notice that you're gossiping when you suddenly lower your voice, look around to see who might be listening, and approach your friend before speaking.

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