Is it toxic to gossip?

Gossip, rumors and speaking ill of others are a one-sided way of managing or creating conflict and are incredibly toxic to culture and relationships. But there is also a dark side to being gossip. Gossip is generally considered unpleasant, unreliable, and weak. Even children as young as nine find those who spread information about other people less likable and less deserving of rewards.

There is also evidence that gossip can make us feel bad about ourselves, regardless of whether what we have said is unpleasant or pleasant. And, of course, there are the consequences for the person you've been gossiping about, who may suffer psychologically if they discover that they've been the subject of gossip. The first time I was struck by the toxicity of gossip was about four years ago, when I first read the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. CEOWORLD Magazine - Featured news - Critical thinking: why gossip is complicated and why gossip is toxic.

I easily get carried away by the toxicity or drama of another person's life and I feel this internal urge to intervene, agree or give my opinion on certain life decisions of another person.

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