Is good gossip a sin?

The Bible is clear that gossip is a sin and that Christians should refrain from doing so. Gossip often includes slander, mockery, and denigration. It exposes the gossipy's insecurities, as well as their jealousy, envy and even hatred towards another person. Instead of destroying one another and spreading gossip, God calls us to strengthen one another and encourage one another.

Instead, they describe gossip in action and relate it intimately to the character of the people who participate in this tempting sin. The presence of gossip depends largely on how you talk about people who aren't present and why you talk about them. Talking about others in a way that is not honorable embarrasses their image and reputation, and paints an ugly picture of gossip. Even if the people speaking up didn't mean direct harm, the result of gossip is always a broken trust and a wound in feelings.

In other words, protect that person's reputation and character and don't gossip any more. A gossiper is someone who has privileged information about people and reveals that information to those who don't need to know it. One of the reasons why it becomes treason is because it takes place outside the presence of the person who is the subject of the gossip. The Bible talks about gossip and a verse that gives real color to what gossip is can be found in Proverbs.

If someone around you starts gossiping, ask them to stop or, if they don't, stay away from the conversation. Correct them in a loving way without condemning them, but if the gossip continues, it's time to say goodbye. Gossip may seem interesting when you're not being talked about, but all you have to do is turn things around and you'll know how painful it can be. Gossip divides relationships, destroys trust, and the pain associated with gossip is felt long after the words are uttered.

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